A joint venture between the Spiritual Community of New York and Comfort Community of Occupy Wall Street.

TARGET: Win a humanitarian victory by supplying the occupiers of Liberty Square with the support needed for basic community needs.

  • Establish a tent city to support the fundamental right of shelter for all individuals

  • Improve the aesthetics of the park

  • Protect residents from hypothermia

  • Provide a positive alternative for toilet needs

On September 17, 2011 activists in New York took up residence in Zuccotti Park. Since then, the movement has grown and the needs of the community in Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square have expanded. A significant portion of the people living in Zuccotti Park are homeless. Comfort Community was set up to provide for the shelter, clothing, and toiletry needs of all the park’s residents.

 Brookfield is a business Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square is outsourced to. As the “owners” of the park, they have the right to impose “reasonable rules” for park use. These rules include a ban on tents, tarps, sleeping bags, and port-a-potties; these inhumane rules are being enforced by the NYPD. The Department of Sanitation is building an environmental case against the residents of the park based on the belongings, bedding, and water-proofing materials that are visible in the park.

 Currently, the actions of the NYPD and the business they are supporting, are severely affecting our ability to live in a clean, well-maintained environment. The dropping temperatures and rain have caused a shortage in warm supplies. This has led to hypothermia and severe illness. Comfort Community, along with the residents of Zuccotti Park, want a peaceful end to this humanitarian crisis. They believe that food, clothing, and shelter are human rights.

 FINANCIAL: These items will be able to provide for up to 600 people in a communal living arrangements, and 35 people with special needs. Additionally, Comfort Community will be requesting significant funding from their General Assembly for rain tarps, tent lamps, and containers for organization. Currently, we need:

 250 Tents                                                         $7500 (CC)

Alternative Tent Arrangement                    $3500 (NIP)

Insulation                                                         $5000 (NIP)

Port-A-Potties                                             +    $550

 Total Cost:                                                    $16,550

Additional information about general winter needs are available on the Comfort Community Blog.

 STATUS: A coalition has been formed with Riverside Church, Judson Memorial, A Partnership of Faith, The Islamic Center of New York, and Abyssinian Baptist Church. Partnerships have also been formed with NESRI and private individuals to contribute to the creation of the tent city.

 ACTION: The Spiritual Community of New York will coalition with Comfort Community and Occupy Wall Street to peacefully create a tent city in Liberty Square.