October 18, 2011: Meeting with A Partnership of Faith in New York City

Around the table:

Unitarian Minister

Mary Burns Hoff, Faith group coordinator,(contact info redacted)

Imam of Muslim Brotherhood

All Saints Minister


Rabbi Rubenstein






Presentation: we need bedding, clothing, toiletries, tents. A church is donating tents. A non-profit is coordinating a tent-like alternative. Another organization is providing a heating source.


Rabbi- concerns about logistics: where do people go to the bathroom; as the community grows, where will people go?


Sparro- negotiations have broken down


Muslim Brotherhood: since the weekend? (yes) tent city and portajohns are what you want?


S- they are building a case against us based on sanitation– we need to get everything organized into tents. We are working with the OWS town planning committee to figure out what we need.


MB- we need to link this effort to tent cities throughout history– MLK’s assassination did not derail plans for poverty march tent city.


Rabbi- it needs to remain civil and calm as it has been- strength of the movement so far– need to avoid faceoff w/ police


Sparro- our target date is next thursday– 9 days


R- we want to get involved– help the city understand that you’re not by yourselves. Explore negotiations and leadership contacts.


Unitarian- on the legal side– do we have counsel?


MB- the tactic will be to wait you out– it’s getting cold! Would it be beneficial for religious institutions to sponsor portajohns? Murder of AbuJamal, they sponsored buses– 1 per church?


R- roadmap: share w/leadership

partnership of 20 years, since Crown Heights debacle

handle money through Partnership of Faith


Sparro- we get the product, not the bureaucracy.


R- asks other members to contact people in city

-coordinated by Mary

need a contact person: ORLANDO

need to ramp up the pressure for a solution


Sparro- give idea of financial need

ask partnership to direct funding to company making alternative structures


250 tents

50 alternative tents at 150$ each (7500$)


To Do: Send proposal to Mary (money request)

and presentation on the situation facing Comfort

and outline of working group organization