Report Backs

Mike: Logistics Coordinator. I will be liasoning with SIS in regards to our use of the storage space.

S.X.: Finance Coordinator. Had meeting with accountant, taking the recommendations into consideration. Voiced concerns about Finance Committee.

Patrick: Inventory Coordinator. Comfort diagram needs to be redrawn to reflect the evolution of the space. Implementing an alternative storage technique for bedding.

Mitsukai: Fashion Coordinator. Unfabolous (*note “fabolous is spelled correctly in this context) garments to be sorted from inventory, and inventory organized in a non-gender specific pattern.

Victoria: Data Coordinator. Shower List Information was recovered. Contact Lists, Finance Records, and other Data will be electronized, and backed up using multiple methods and techniques.

Luis:  Translation Specialist. Investigating specific needs of urban camper population. Translation of flyer.


1.) Name/Info/Breakdown

2.) GA Reps: Mike and Patrick

3.) Areas of Expertise

4.) Inventory and Inventory Request List

5. Footlocker for Personal Storage

6. Flowerbeds

7. Time Schedule: a.) it will be flexible b.) Add haircuts and massages

8. Mission: Operation Fabolous Ninja; Agents:Alpha, Star, Omni, Cleaner

9. We will not get a generator.

10. Signs: a.) sign for clothing b.) dry erase board for schedule


Mitsukai to propose a plan for team building activities for next meeting.

Mae concerned about building an alliance with finance.

Christine perturbed about the disorganization caused by the clothing drop.