This meeting was set up to discuss the humanitarian issue of the lack of port-a-potties.

In Attendance:

S.X.- Comfort Community; Community Relations

Jackson- Comfort Community; Wellness Coordinator

Priscilla-Comfort Community; Data Coordinator

Mary Burns- Partnership of Faith

Rabbi Rubenstein- Central Synoguage

Howard Wolfson- City of New York

Cindy Spree- Trinity Wall Street

Han Shan-OWS: Community Relations

Naomi Less: OWS; Community Relations


S.X.- The issue is port-a-potties

Wolfson- We will look into the permit. How many people want this.

S.X.- at this time, 432

Wolfson- How many port-a-potties would that be

S.X.- 6

Shan- 6 at the minimum


The port-a-potty permit was denied because the area selected to erect them, was an high traffic area.

We have informed Town Planning of the Situation, and they are supposed to be working on selecting low-traffic areas, where port-a-potties can be erected.