Comfort Community- Tent Funding Request

 Comfort Community submitted a verbal presentation to our Town Planning liason concerning the erection of large tents that would be housed with bunk beds, insulation, and heaters. Due to the inability, of the factions involved, to coordinate in a timely manner, an un-directed tent city was erected. Tents were mass distributed, and it is clear that not all of the parties that received tents were affiliated with Occupy Wall Street.

The current tent city structure is besieged with problems related to security, and personal safety. Comfort liaisons were tent checking after the snow, to ensure that inhabitants were still alive. The current structures are not always insulated, and none of them have heating infrastructures.

In the past, Comfort Community has had to guestimate how many tents were needed for the community. Now that time is past. We are now able to directly and accurately ascertain who needs a tent, how many people will be using the tent space, and if there is space available.


Using this new approach, we are able to:

  1. Develop a census of the OWS population
  2. Control the inventory and supply of tents
  3. Properly insure that distributed insulation and tarps are being used correctly


We are requesting:

  1. A discretionary winter budget that deals solely with tent purchases
    1. We will inventory and catalogue the purchases
    2. Maintain an electronic record of the individuals and/or community placing the order


As of Tuesday, November 1, 2011 , we need to be able to make a daily purchases of large tents, using the information and data we have gathered throughout the day. We do not intend to give out any more personal tents. We support the implementation of the plan to erect a series of large tents. Not only would this be more efficient long term, but it is a safer alternative to a series of individual tents. At this time there are two established communities that need large tents.


  1. Drum Circle
    1. They need a large tent that will hold 14 bunk beds, plus provide them with space to store drums. : Shaun is their contact
    2. Fort Fracking
      1. They need a tent that will hold 8 bunks beds, and merchandising materials ; Jalen is their contact.
      2. OWS Camp 1
        1. This structure will provide for the names on our list that need housing, but they are single individuals or couples. This structure would house 10 bunk beds, and be a “safe space” for homeless occupiers, until they could get housed in other structures. Currently, we only able to accommodate 5 people.