Dear Ms. Coley, and all those at Brookfield Properties,


Comfort Community is a group that works to provide for the health and well-being of the individuals living in Liberty Square. We provide a stock of bedding, clothing, and toiletries, and we are currently working on providing tents and sanitary facilities for the approaching winter.


We write today to thank you for supporting us in our quest to provide a clean, safe, and humane environment for the expression of First Amendment rights. Your generous forbearance has meant that many displaced people will have the shelter they need this winter.


We understand that our presence has caused some distress. We at Comfort Community apologize for this.  We share your concerns about clutter and safety.  We believe that the introduction of tents will alleviate clutter and create a humane alternative to the visible tarps and sleeping bags.


We are prepared to ensure that pathways are clear and tents in high-traffic areas are movable, so that Liberty Square will continue to be a popular community space and tourist destination.  The necessary supplies and materials for this new tent city will be provided by our coalition with various community organizations and spiritual leaders.


On October 31, Comfort Community is having a Rally for the Homeless. We will be celebrating the generosity and graciousness of our community. We would like for a Brookfield Community representative to attend our rally, where we will be unveiling a community space that will be named in Brookfield’s honor.


We appreciate your patience with our community, and we look forward to our continued partnership in the future.



Comfort Community