Occupy Wall Street- Jakpak Report


The Jakpak is an all in one jacket tent and sleeping bag. This product is manufactured by Jakpak.com. Four models were purchased in cooperation with NESRI for the Comfort Community in Occupy Wall Street. The jackets were tested under extreme circumstances, of wind, rain, and snow. These are our findings:



  1. The Jackpak is stealthy
    1. In conditions where stealth camp outs are required, they would be ideal
    2. They are lightweight, and do not limit an individual’s dexterity
    3. Upkeep is Minimal
    4. Weather Proof under Ideal Conditions




  1. Require a Training Session:
    1. The instructions are not intuitive
    2. They do not hold up under extreme weather conditions
      1. Suited for warmer climates
      2. Climates not prone to heavy rainfall
      3. The jacket netting has be modified with a tarp cover to make up for rain
      4. They are not padded
        1. A yoga mat takes care of this problem
        2. They are all identical
          1. In the event of a stealth occupation, this essentially give the wearers a “uniform” , and make them a target.
          2. The jackets would have to undergo personalization



It is our opinion that the jackpaks would be suitable for the Occupiers in Oakland. California has the weather conditions that would be suitable for the Jakpak functions. Also, they are under constant police attack, it makes it quite difficult for the infrastructure of a camp to be set up in any one place at a time.

The jakpaks would allow Oakland to have the ability to have a mobile camp, and ensure its participants do not lose access to their materials every time there is an attack.



Comfort Community