S.X.- Facilitator

D: Josh took my bag of clothes from the back and gave them away. He told me he didn’t believe in possessions, and that nobody should have them. He came in and tried to take down our tents, and tried to move the Comfort store.

M: He is doing us like he did SIS (Shipping Inventory and Storage). They have banned him. He gave away all our sleeping bags, and he keeps being incredibly disruptive. It is really cold, and we told him we did not think sending sleeping bags to Washington Square was a good idea. He got a truck and did it anyway. People were really cold that night.

J: You guys have no right to do what you are doing. I am doing what is best for Comfort and you guys should listen to me. I can do whatever I want, there are no rules here. You can’t enforce anything.

I: No you cannot do whatever you want, if you do that we will never get organized. You are being disrespectful of our community.

J: You guys aren’t doing things right, and you need to listen to what I am telling you.

P: You need to listen to us.

C: Josh stole money I saw him.

S.X. That isn’t relevant

C: Yes it is, he is a thief

H: No, it doesn’t matter

Mae: It doesn’t matter. I think that Josh should never be allowed to work here, or welcome to participant in our community’s process.

S.X.: Is that a proposal?

Mae: Yes.

S.X. The motion on the floor is to evict Josh from Comfort, and Comfort activities.

All in favor? (All hands go up, with exception of J.)
All opposed? (J. )

S.X.: Josh, the community has spoken, please respect their decision. This meeting is adjourned.