D: We have sponsors that want to give us three tents. I propose that we have one for the storefront, one for us, and one to house the community

S.X. I am concerned about space.

B: I think that we should use the two big tents, and use the smaller tents for emergency shelter

D: We can mount the smaller tents on the marble slabs so that they are raised

S.X. We have the materials available to insulate the the tents

D: We need to get cell phones for the point people. I got a contact in the lower east side who can get us cell phones.

S.X. How many do you think we need?

D: Patrick, Mae, Ivan, Deshaun, Priscilla

S.X.: Ok, some of you have them already. Hopefully we will be getting cell phones, and the tablets soon. Orlando has been working on it.

B: We are going to need additional resources, so I am going to contact suppliers.

S.X.: Cool. I will get you a letter. Please cc me on that

J: Our acronym is CCOOW

*I. begins to vogue using CCOOW initials

S.X.: Once we have the phones and the tablets we can coordinate better. We can get on Twitter for updates, and Facebook to communicate and record ideas. We can also use Google Documents to share maintain, and update the shower lists, inventory etc.

I: Josh can’t come back here anymore. He assaulted one of our family. We held a vote. I think our community should have a policy of respect.

…..Priscilla brought back supplies. She missed the meeting, had 30 dollars in change.