Comfort Community has many people to thank for its success this far.

Nation of Change really came through for us with a wonderful donation that was applicable to our needs. We were able to successfully provide for almost two weeks from this supply.

Riverside Church provided us with 100 tents, so that we could give the community housing.

NESRI in coordination with Jakpak provided us with four models of the Jakpak to test. We were able to submit a recommendation  to the Occupy Community, and share our information with the company.

The Faith Coalition was instrumental in coordinating with the City of New York on the port-a-potty issue. Rabbi Rubenstein, Mary Burnes, and the Imam will always have a special place in our hearts. A special thanks to Howard Wolfson for representing the city, and supplying us with the information needed.

Teddy Jefferson provided us with information that led to do a successful winter insulation test. We were able to supply Town Planning with the information we gathered from our test, and submit the proposal one of our supporters provided us with.

We would also like the anonymous donor who supplied us with tents for the safe space. They are now being allocated for emergency housing.

Sarah and Orlando deserve a special thanks for the Support Work they did for Comfort. They were wonderful, and did amazing things on behalf of the Comfort Community.

Orlando, your dedication and perserverance has made Comfort surpass insurmountable barriers.

Sarah, your words are beautiful, and your editing skills have saved our lives.

This is my official notice. I have resigned from Comfort Community. If anyone has any questions about financial considerations Comfort Community received and spent, before giving up their autonomy and receiving money from finance, they can view Twitter.

Former Community Affairs Coordinator
Comfort Community

It appears that I will be returning to Comfort on a trial basis. Let’s go team.