Currently, Comfort Station is still working out of Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park. We are there every day from 3-7pm. Please visit our needs page for drop-off instructions, and comfort station needs page for information on how you can help comfort community (as a working group) function more efficiently.


1. We have received funding(11/27/11) to create Mini-Comfort Stations in temporary sleeping locations.

2. We are taking inventory requests from the occupiers, to provide them with supplies.

3. We are working on finding a space where occupiers can store their packs in the daytime.

4. We have creating a functional Match-An-Occupier program that matches occupiers with places to shower.

5. We have started Operation: Occupation Station to get occupiers resting places

6. We are doing political outreach with “Project Green Leaf” (stay tuned to our youtube channel for updates “TheComfortStation”

7. We are placing special needs occupiers in housing situations at least twice a week.

8. We are attempting to acquire property to house occupiers.

Stay Tuned.

~Comfort Station