*for an  in depth finance report , contact  finance@nycga.net

Comfort Station Engineers for the Week









Our operations hours are 3pm-7pm, and 2am-8am.

Reportback from last meeting was Wednesday. Scott facilitated the meeting. Henry, Jason, and Matt(?) were there. Monday at 6:30 is our next meeting.

James is co-finance chairing.

Match-An-Occupier Program is being revisited, this week’s pilot was unsuccessful, we have to create a new model.

We organized and inventoried the Comfort Station area of SIS. Will do surplus next week.

Gaylen from finance says to separated the money between Comfort and Comfort Station.

Pete is working on getting a debit card for us.

$4.50 discrepancy as decided by finance, will fix that with donation given by Julio. Henry returned the receipt. After turning this is in, we will be in the clear.

We will have to get metrocards to people. A lot of the week-long passes handed out were invalid, and a lot of people who occupy did not recieve them.

There are a lot of homeless occupiers tucked in nooks and crannies throughout downtown New York. Got some supplies to a few this week. Must contact town planning to coordinate a meeting about insulating cardboard boxes, and arts and culture with camouflage ideas.

It is possible to purchase razors for 31.58 (100 count)