Comfort Community is an autonomous co-operative of individuals, that operate Comfort Station; an Autonomous Working Group that functions within the structure of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Within the Occupy Wall Street Movement, these are multiple working groups set up to perform various tasks for the community. Each working group is empowered to make their own decisions regarding their strategies.  Each group does report backs to keep the General Assembly informed about the services the group offers, and may appeal to Finance for funding.  The General Assembly is comprised of the park’s occupants, and supporters. There is no centralized leadership, meeting facilitators rotate responsibilities, and they are supposed to  remain neutral.

As Comfort Community, our purpose is to provide housing, bedding, clothes, shoes, and other resources to the community. We also run a match-an-occupier program that pairs protesters with community members. The community members provide the protesters with showers, dinner, and sometimes a good nights sleep. We are always looking for daytime volunteers to help us sort and distribute incoming donation, pass out supplies, and provide general support for the community.

Our biggest needs are clean underwear, hats, socks, and gold bond foot powder. For a complete list of our needs, please visit the needs page.