This information has been updated as of November, 2011.

After the raid, we lost everything; except a single bin of hygiene care packages. With the exception of two people, everyone in Comfort Community lived in the park. The raid caused us considerable emotional stress and strain. The police slashed our tent to ribbons, and when they could not de-assemble the steel frame supporting the structure, they used the jaws of life to destroy a foundation of community support.

We are refusing to give up, and valiantly working to recover our infrastructure. We need help from the community in the following way:

1. Technology

We needs to recover use of cameras, a laptops, and cell phones (smartphones). Comfort Station Engineers can not communicate with each other without phones (this is our priority); We keep paper records, and paper order forms , but paper does not withstand the elements well, a laptop would do us wonders; We have begun Cop Watching in the park, we need cameras to record their actions for the safety of the community.

2. Building/Office Space

We need a space where people can access supplies and services without a hassle. SIS (Storage Inventory and Shipping) is located in a building that requires ID for access. Some Comfort Station Engineers can not gain access to entry, because they lost their ID in the raid.

We also need an environment where we can receive drop-offs and store our inventory. Currently, our inventory is included in general storage, which causes our supplies to be misallocated. We serve the people, they deserve to get supplies meant for their use.

We also need a space where people can shower. We have a shower list, but we have a lot of people that feel uncomfortable going to the homes of supporters. We need a facility that would allow us to provide the people with access to showers.