Updated Nov 27, 2011 (Urgent needs denoted by bold-face type)

Until we are able to acquire and office space, all donations should be delivered to the park. Please limit your drop-offs to recycled shopping bag amounts. Any size beyond that, will not get into the park. If you have a donation that needs to be mailed, please contact us directly at wallstreetcomfortstation@gmail.com, we will give you an address of a comrade it can be mailed to.

Wool Socks
Waterproof Boots and Shoes
Mens/Women’s Underwear
Dental Care Products (floss and toothbrushes)
Hair Care Products (Combs, Hairbrushes, Straight Razors, Scissors, Barbasol)
Motorcycle Helmets/Helmets
Protective Padding (elbows, knees, torso/back)
Large Purses
Silk Scarfs
Wool Scarfs
Matching Gloves (Berets)
Wool Hats
Non-flouride toothpaste
Visit Operation: Occupation Station Page and sign up!!!!

Winter Wear

Please be aware that cotton is a fiber that does not hold up under damp conditions. Please do not donate cotton socks. As a result of the raid, many people have been housed in churches, or in squats, or outside in the elements. Individuals in squats or outside, do not get an opportunity to change to take off their shoes. They may wear the same socks and boots for a week, and by the time we get to them, there is a problem. We are requesting that wool socks be the priority, and waterproof boots be donated. We also have a high demand for XL, XXL, and XXXL coats.


The people have requested that we ask the community to give them options. They do need warm, sensible clothing, and shoes. However, they want options. A job interview, church, or a night out require a different kind of uniform. If you have that fabulous pair of heels and black dress that you don’t wear anymore, or those smart pair of kicks and polo you can’t fit, please donate them to us so we can help occupiers live their lives outside of the occupation.

We love you all. Thank you for helping us keep the revolution warm, dry, and comfortable.