Welcome!!! This is the page where we explain Operation: Occupation Station

If you only wish to provide occupiers with showers, and/or laundry, contact our Match-An-Occupier Program at owsshowers@gmail.com. Please provide us with a.) name and b.)email address.


Post-raid, we have a lot of homeless occupiers. We would like for Mayor Bloomberg to provide us with reparations in the form of hotel rooms in the Hilton….but, our attorneys aren’t that competent. For now, occupiers are being housed on the floors of churches, theatres, and abandoned buildings.

We don’t think that is cool.

A lot of our occupiers lost everything, on top of this, they have to shuffle from living arrangement after living arrangement, and pray they can get it before the doors close, or capacity is reached. Realistically, we cannot occupy another park until the winter is over. Living in uncomfortable communal situations is very stressful, and does not bode well for the psyche of those forced to live in these situations.

Please support our occupiers by opening your space (Occupation Station) to them. It doesn’t have to be every night, you might want to do it only once a week, once a month, once. Whatever your limitations, please contact us at stationoccupation@gmail.com with the following information.

name of occupation station:
contact info of conductor:
availability (station schedule):
gender specifications:
directions (train route):
number of people you can accommodate:
If you are one of those awesome people who has access to an entire house, apartment, building etc. Now would be the time to let us know!!! We can work out financial reimbursement if necessary. (water, electricity etc.)
Comfort Station