Dear Ms. Coley, and all those at Brookfield Properties,


Comfort Community is a group that works to provide for the health and well-being of the individuals living in Liberty Square. We provide a stock of bedding, clothing, and toiletries, and we are currently working on providing tents and sanitary facilities for the approaching winter.


We write today to thank you for supporting us in our quest to provide a clean, safe, and humane environment for the expression of First Amendment rights. Your generous forbearance has meant that many displaced people will have the shelter they need this winter.


We understand that our presence has caused some distress. We at Comfort Community apologize for this.  We share your concerns about clutter and safety.  We believe that the introduction of tents will alleviate clutter and create a humane alternative to the visible tarps and sleeping bags.


We are prepared to ensure that pathways are clear and tents in high-traffic areas are movable, so that Liberty Square will continue to be a popular community space and tourist destination.  The necessary supplies and materials for this new tent city will be provided by our coalition with various community organizations and spiritual leaders.


On October 31, Comfort Community is having a Rally for the Homeless. We will be celebrating the generosity and graciousness of our community. We would like for a Brookfield Community representative to attend our rally, where we will be unveiling a community space that will be named in Brookfield’s honor.


We appreciate your patience with our community, and we look forward to our continued partnership in the future.



Comfort Community



We have $83 dollars . Priscilla did the count, and is going to buy deodorant and lanterns.


For the emergency shelters, we have 3 sugar sacks, and 2 all weather G8 tents.One of the sugar sacks is missing. Justin-SIS Coordinator is looking into it.


Mike did laudry for 20 hours straight. We are spending $1500 a week in laundry. Supports asking for funding for a commercial washing space.


Kitchen has a plan to get rid of occupying non-occupiers, by serving only healthy food.  We need to contact kitchen for a liason.



Comfort Community- Tent Funding Request

 Comfort Community submitted a verbal presentation to our Town Planning liason concerning the erection of large tents that would be housed with bunk beds, insulation, and heaters. Due to the inability, of the factions involved, to coordinate in a timely manner, an un-directed tent city was erected. Tents were mass distributed, and it is clear that not all of the parties that received tents were affiliated with Occupy Wall Street.

The current tent city structure is besieged with problems related to security, and personal safety. Comfort liaisons were tent checking after the snow, to ensure that inhabitants were still alive. The current structures are not always insulated, and none of them have heating infrastructures.

In the past, Comfort Community has had to guestimate how many tents were needed for the community. Now that time is past. We are now able to directly and accurately ascertain who needs a tent, how many people will be using the tent space, and if there is space available.


Using this new approach, we are able to:

  1. Develop a census of the OWS population
  2. Control the inventory and supply of tents
  3. Properly insure that distributed insulation and tarps are being used correctly


We are requesting:

  1. A discretionary winter budget that deals solely with tent purchases
    1. We will inventory and catalogue the purchases
    2. Maintain an electronic record of the individuals and/or community placing the order


As of Tuesday, November 1, 2011 , we need to be able to make a daily purchases of large tents, using the information and data we have gathered throughout the day. We do not intend to give out any more personal tents. We support the implementation of the plan to erect a series of large tents. Not only would this be more efficient long term, but it is a safer alternative to a series of individual tents. At this time there are two established communities that need large tents.


  1. Drum Circle
    1. They need a large tent that will hold 14 bunk beds, plus provide them with space to store drums. : Shaun is their contact
    2. Fort Fracking
      1. They need a tent that will hold 8 bunks beds, and merchandising materials ; Jalen is their contact.
      2. OWS Camp 1
        1. This structure will provide for the names on our list that need housing, but they are single individuals or couples. This structure would house 10 bunk beds, and be a “safe space” for homeless occupiers, until they could get housed in other structures. Currently, we only able to accommodate 5 people.

This meeting was set up to discuss the humanitarian issue of the lack of port-a-potties.

In Attendance:

S.X.- Comfort Community; Community Relations

Jackson- Comfort Community; Wellness Coordinator

Priscilla-Comfort Community; Data Coordinator

Mary Burns- Partnership of Faith

Rabbi Rubenstein- Central Synoguage

Howard Wolfson- City of New York

Cindy Spree- Trinity Wall Street

Han Shan-OWS: Community Relations

Naomi Less: OWS; Community Relations


S.X.- The issue is port-a-potties

Wolfson- We will look into the permit. How many people want this.

S.X.- at this time, 432

Wolfson- How many port-a-potties would that be

S.X.- 6

Shan- 6 at the minimum


The port-a-potty permit was denied because the area selected to erect them, was an high traffic area.

We have informed Town Planning of the Situation, and they are supposed to be working on selecting low-traffic areas, where port-a-potties can be erected.

Occupy Wall Street- Jakpak Report


The Jakpak is an all in one jacket tent and sleeping bag. This product is manufactured by Four models were purchased in cooperation with NESRI for the Comfort Community in Occupy Wall Street. The jackets were tested under extreme circumstances, of wind, rain, and snow. These are our findings:



  1. The Jackpak is stealthy
    1. In conditions where stealth camp outs are required, they would be ideal
    2. They are lightweight, and do not limit an individual’s dexterity
    3. Upkeep is Minimal
    4. Weather Proof under Ideal Conditions




  1. Require a Training Session:
    1. The instructions are not intuitive
    2. They do not hold up under extreme weather conditions
      1. Suited for warmer climates
      2. Climates not prone to heavy rainfall
      3. The jacket netting has be modified with a tarp cover to make up for rain
      4. They are not padded
        1. A yoga mat takes care of this problem
        2. They are all identical
          1. In the event of a stealth occupation, this essentially give the wearers a “uniform” , and make them a target.
          2. The jackets would have to undergo personalization



It is our opinion that the jackpaks would be suitable for the Occupiers in Oakland. California has the weather conditions that would be suitable for the Jakpak functions. Also, they are under constant police attack, it makes it quite difficult for the infrastructure of a camp to be set up in any one place at a time.

The jakpaks would allow Oakland to have the ability to have a mobile camp, and ensure its participants do not lose access to their materials every time there is an attack.



Comfort Community










Report Backs

Mike: Logistics Coordinator. I will be liasoning with SIS in regards to our use of the storage space.

S.X.: Finance Coordinator. Had meeting with accountant, taking the recommendations into consideration. Voiced concerns about Finance Committee.

Patrick: Inventory Coordinator. Comfort diagram needs to be redrawn to reflect the evolution of the space. Implementing an alternative storage technique for bedding.

Mitsukai: Fashion Coordinator. Unfabolous (*note “fabolous is spelled correctly in this context) garments to be sorted from inventory, and inventory organized in a non-gender specific pattern.

Victoria: Data Coordinator. Shower List Information was recovered. Contact Lists, Finance Records, and other Data will be electronized, and backed up using multiple methods and techniques.

Luis:  Translation Specialist. Investigating specific needs of urban camper population. Translation of flyer.


1.) Name/Info/Breakdown

2.) GA Reps: Mike and Patrick

3.) Areas of Expertise

4.) Inventory and Inventory Request List

5. Footlocker for Personal Storage

6. Flowerbeds

7. Time Schedule: a.) it will be flexible b.) Add haircuts and massages

8. Mission: Operation Fabolous Ninja; Agents:Alpha, Star, Omni, Cleaner

9. We will not get a generator.

10. Signs: a.) sign for clothing b.) dry erase board for schedule


Mitsukai to propose a plan for team building activities for next meeting.

Mae concerned about building an alliance with finance.

Christine perturbed about the disorganization caused by the clothing drop.


A joint venture between the Spiritual Community of New York and Comfort Community of Occupy Wall Street.

TARGET: Win a humanitarian victory by supplying the occupiers of Liberty Square with the support needed for basic community needs.

  • Establish a tent city to support the fundamental right of shelter for all individuals

  • Improve the aesthetics of the park

  • Protect residents from hypothermia

  • Provide a positive alternative for toilet needs

On September 17, 2011 activists in New York took up residence in Zuccotti Park. Since then, the movement has grown and the needs of the community in Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square have expanded. A significant portion of the people living in Zuccotti Park are homeless. Comfort Community was set up to provide for the shelter, clothing, and toiletry needs of all the park’s residents.

 Brookfield is a business Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square is outsourced to. As the “owners” of the park, they have the right to impose “reasonable rules” for park use. These rules include a ban on tents, tarps, sleeping bags, and port-a-potties; these inhumane rules are being enforced by the NYPD. The Department of Sanitation is building an environmental case against the residents of the park based on the belongings, bedding, and water-proofing materials that are visible in the park.

 Currently, the actions of the NYPD and the business they are supporting, are severely affecting our ability to live in a clean, well-maintained environment. The dropping temperatures and rain have caused a shortage in warm supplies. This has led to hypothermia and severe illness. Comfort Community, along with the residents of Zuccotti Park, want a peaceful end to this humanitarian crisis. They believe that food, clothing, and shelter are human rights.

 FINANCIAL: These items will be able to provide for up to 600 people in a communal living arrangements, and 35 people with special needs. Additionally, Comfort Community will be requesting significant funding from their General Assembly for rain tarps, tent lamps, and containers for organization. Currently, we need:

 250 Tents                                                         $7500 (CC)

Alternative Tent Arrangement                    $3500 (NIP)

Insulation                                                         $5000 (NIP)

Port-A-Potties                                             +    $550

 Total Cost:                                                    $16,550

Additional information about general winter needs are available on the Comfort Community Blog.

 STATUS: A coalition has been formed with Riverside Church, Judson Memorial, A Partnership of Faith, The Islamic Center of New York, and Abyssinian Baptist Church. Partnerships have also been formed with NESRI and private individuals to contribute to the creation of the tent city.

 ACTION: The Spiritual Community of New York will coalition with Comfort Community and Occupy Wall Street to peacefully create a tent city in Liberty Square.