Copwatchers: S.X and Chris 1:00am-8:00am
Last night was pretty eventful. There was group of officers that entered the park around 5 am.  The  Copwatch Report, and photos will be posted on Twitter.

Essentially, the Occupiers held an emergency Occupier’s meeting, and  had consensus to name the ledge on the south side of the park a spiritual place of worship. Father Melendez, and a few representatives of other spiritual groups, held a service. Occupiers were able to sleep and use their sleeping bags. When approached by police S 240.70 was used to defend the occupiers.

Later in the morning, the library was removed by the officers in retaliation.


*for an  in depth finance report , contact

Comfort Station Engineers for the Week









Our operations hours are 3pm-7pm, and 2am-8am.

Reportback from last meeting was Wednesday. Scott facilitated the meeting. Henry, Jason, and Matt(?) were there. Monday at 6:30 is our next meeting.

James is co-finance chairing.

Match-An-Occupier Program is being revisited, this week’s pilot was unsuccessful, we have to create a new model.

We organized and inventoried the Comfort Station area of SIS. Will do surplus next week.

Gaylen from finance says to separated the money between Comfort and Comfort Station.

Pete is working on getting a debit card for us.

$4.50 discrepancy as decided by finance, will fix that with donation given by Julio. Henry returned the receipt. After turning this is in, we will be in the clear.

We will have to get metrocards to people. A lot of the week-long passes handed out were invalid, and a lot of people who occupy did not recieve them.

There are a lot of homeless occupiers tucked in nooks and crannies throughout downtown New York. Got some supplies to a few this week. Must contact town planning to coordinate a meeting about insulating cardboard boxes, and arts and culture with camouflage ideas.

It is possible to purchase razors for 31.58 (100 count)

Workers Co-op Alliance Meeting                                                                                              Meeting # 002

Kitchen, Comfort Station, Finance, Organization, Printing                                              Dec. 2, 2011


Facilitation: Shan

Notes: Sparro

Stack: Ben


This meeting was a continuation of Wednesday Nov 30, 2011 Meeting.



-Structure and Organization of Modified Workers Co-op Model

-Self-Employment Presentation

-Presentation of Flow Chart

-What to do, or not do about the 6K

-5 Minute Action Point Session


_ 5 minutes for each topic, additional time for topic based on consensus


  1. Structure and Organization of A Modified Workers Co-op Model

-Worker-Owned Co-ops can have a variety of legal structures. It is a model that is owned and managed by workers


*Facilitation decided to dovetail the next discussion in into section 1


  1. Self-Employment Presentation

Benedict: Leaf-letting is a low-overhead way to generate income.


  1. Presentation of Flow Chart

Pete: *Diagrams how the money flows between the affinity groups, OWS, donors, and working groups*

Working groups receive money from GA through proposals; they do not typically receive funding from direct donors. Affinity groups are the exception; they cannot function with existing restrictions on funding, such as earmarking and payment of services. They work directly with donors to provide services for OWS.


The co-op model is democratic. It is fair, equitable and sustainable. It can provide for job training to occupiers, and empower them to be autonomous.


Shianne: *Agrees with clarification on affinity group.* Establish clarification between a business/affinity group and OWS.


Merlisa: We cannot give a guarantee that we will only purchase goods and services from working groups.


Needs to be a system where working groups vouch for affinity co-op groups, so donors know they are supporting the movement.


Perhaps we put forth a proposal where GA will favor co-operatively owned businesses.


Shan: We are a low-key service organization. What are the basic principles for employing the model without being a direct democracr experiment? We suggest that groups piloting this model are legal, better coordinate intergroup processes, Create a separate governing body for project; specifically working towards promoting the principles of OWS.


Dale: Feel relationship has already been established


Gilbert: My vision for creating an individual economic base for the people matched the flow chart. There are people with skills already we can get these people employed. Some people’s skills require the use of workspace.


Pete: Nervousness about contracts. Contracts are necessary to be functional businesses. There is strength and opportunity in affiliation.


Sergio- The connection btw OWS and Affinity Groups already exists. For example, the deal between Outreach and Big Apple Printing; there is no contract, but there is a commitment.


Shan: This is an open pilot. We don’t know if it works until we try. The market failed us so we are creating something new.


4. What To Do Or Not Do With The 6k

*Facilitation made time keeping decision*


Dale: I don’t understand this. We could have gotten the 6k from Wellness Workers World, but we wanted the connectivity to the GA.


Shianne: Workers World feels there are two options. 1.) Take the 6k and begin operation, but that seems to violate some sort of norm. 2.) Give the money back in a supportive way. The money is irrelevant, how can we create a sustainable job creation model using co-ops.


Merlisa: Here is the problem with using the 6k 1.)Legal Passthrough 2.) Political Climate 3.) Effect on other groups working on the same issue 5.) Let’s build it better 6.) Get GA endorsement.


Sparro: Use this pilot to solve the housing problem


Pete: Legal pass-through is lobbying, that freaks me out. It costs money to build a business, 6k is not a lot of money. We could get more people involved and be bigger.


Shianne: Think beyond legality. What is the political association, and what should it be?


Sergio: How much money has been donated


Dale: the money would not be passed from 501 C3 to another. If we don’t take the 6k what does that mean for our working group? Are we even a working group?


Sparro: You got a funding proposal passed. You are a group.


  1. Action Points/Setting next agenda

Merlisa: Keep building restaurant for affinity group. Bring more people into pilot, legal, and draft declaration to GA.


Shianne: Define project pilot and affinity . Bring co-operative into affinity model. Choose indoor space for next meeting, and be on time.


Dale: Co-ops meeting scheduled for the 15th of December.


Shianne: We are all not represented, we can’t hijack their meeting.


Gilbert: Get better understanding of affinity groups. Will make an announcement rather than proposal.


Shan: Get liaisons from each working groups as project managers. Have liaisons come to small meetings instead of starting discussions in big meetings.


Action: Have pilot model efforts








Currently, Comfort Station is still working out of Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park. We are there every day from 3-7pm. Please visit our needs page for drop-off instructions, and comfort station needs page for information on how you can help comfort community (as a working group) function more efficiently.


1. We have received funding(11/27/11) to create Mini-Comfort Stations in temporary sleeping locations.

2. We are taking inventory requests from the occupiers, to provide them with supplies.

3. We are working on finding a space where occupiers can store their packs in the daytime.

4. We have creating a functional Match-An-Occupier program that matches occupiers with places to shower.

5. We have started Operation: Occupation Station to get occupiers resting places

6. We are doing political outreach with “Project Green Leaf” (stay tuned to our youtube channel for updates “TheComfortStation”

7. We are placing special needs occupiers in housing situations at least twice a week.

8. We are attempting to acquire property to house occupiers.

Stay Tuned.

~Comfort Station

Comfort Community has many people to thank for its success this far.

Nation of Change really came through for us with a wonderful donation that was applicable to our needs. We were able to successfully provide for almost two weeks from this supply.

Riverside Church provided us with 100 tents, so that we could give the community housing.

NESRI in coordination with Jakpak provided us with four models of the Jakpak to test. We were able to submit a recommendation  to the Occupy Community, and share our information with the company.

The Faith Coalition was instrumental in coordinating with the City of New York on the port-a-potty issue. Rabbi Rubenstein, Mary Burnes, and the Imam will always have a special place in our hearts. A special thanks to Howard Wolfson for representing the city, and supplying us with the information needed.

Teddy Jefferson provided us with information that led to do a successful winter insulation test. We were able to supply Town Planning with the information we gathered from our test, and submit the proposal one of our supporters provided us with.

We would also like the anonymous donor who supplied us with tents for the safe space. They are now being allocated for emergency housing.

Sarah and Orlando deserve a special thanks for the Support Work they did for Comfort. They were wonderful, and did amazing things on behalf of the Comfort Community.

Orlando, your dedication and perserverance has made Comfort surpass insurmountable barriers.

Sarah, your words are beautiful, and your editing skills have saved our lives.

This is my official notice. I have resigned from Comfort Community. If anyone has any questions about financial considerations Comfort Community received and spent, before giving up their autonomy and receiving money from finance, they can view Twitter.

Former Community Affairs Coordinator
Comfort Community

It appears that I will be returning to Comfort on a trial basis. Let’s go team.

S.X.- Facilitator

D: Josh took my bag of clothes from the back and gave them away. He told me he didn’t believe in possessions, and that nobody should have them. He came in and tried to take down our tents, and tried to move the Comfort store.

M: He is doing us like he did SIS (Shipping Inventory and Storage). They have banned him. He gave away all our sleeping bags, and he keeps being incredibly disruptive. It is really cold, and we told him we did not think sending sleeping bags to Washington Square was a good idea. He got a truck and did it anyway. People were really cold that night.

J: You guys have no right to do what you are doing. I am doing what is best for Comfort and you guys should listen to me. I can do whatever I want, there are no rules here. You can’t enforce anything.

I: No you cannot do whatever you want, if you do that we will never get organized. You are being disrespectful of our community.

J: You guys aren’t doing things right, and you need to listen to what I am telling you.

P: You need to listen to us.

C: Josh stole money I saw him.

S.X. That isn’t relevant

C: Yes it is, he is a thief

H: No, it doesn’t matter

Mae: It doesn’t matter. I think that Josh should never be allowed to work here, or welcome to participant in our community’s process.

S.X.: Is that a proposal?

Mae: Yes.

S.X. The motion on the floor is to evict Josh from Comfort, and Comfort activities.

All in favor? (All hands go up, with exception of J.)
All opposed? (J. )

S.X.: Josh, the community has spoken, please respect their decision. This meeting is adjourned.


D: We have sponsors that want to give us three tents. I propose that we have one for the storefront, one for us, and one to house the community

S.X. I am concerned about space.

B: I think that we should use the two big tents, and use the smaller tents for emergency shelter

D: We can mount the smaller tents on the marble slabs so that they are raised

S.X. We have the materials available to insulate the the tents

D: We need to get cell phones for the point people. I got a contact in the lower east side who can get us cell phones.

S.X. How many do you think we need?

D: Patrick, Mae, Ivan, Deshaun, Priscilla

S.X.: Ok, some of you have them already. Hopefully we will be getting cell phones, and the tablets soon. Orlando has been working on it.

B: We are going to need additional resources, so I am going to contact suppliers.

S.X.: Cool. I will get you a letter. Please cc me on that

J: Our acronym is CCOOW

*I. begins to vogue using CCOOW initials

S.X.: Once we have the phones and the tablets we can coordinate better. We can get on Twitter for updates, and Facebook to communicate and record ideas. We can also use Google Documents to share maintain, and update the shower lists, inventory etc.

I: Josh can’t come back here anymore. He assaulted one of our family. We held a vote. I think our community should have a policy of respect.

…..Priscilla brought back supplies. She missed the meeting, had 30 dollars in change.